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We have an incredibly cool product and we are looking for dealers and distributors around the world!


We have stock in Moscow. FOB China Supplies Available to Distributors in Other Countries


A unique online generator of instructions for assembly is available after entering the code that is inside each box, thus the product is copy protected


Only 2 SKU at the start. We are sure that cool products can be sold in huge volumes even on a small assortment.


Stylish and modern product.
Wow effect and affordable price

Mozabrick offers favorable prices
for dealers and distributors

Our products are a rising brand with great future

Company Mozabrick was recently founded, but its creators have vast experience in distribution. We organized our own dealer network, which successfully sells brands with world-famous names.

The new brand - MOZABRICK - has unique advantages among its few competitors. Therefore, we offer dealers to create a profitable business in cooperation with us.


4 Reasons to work with us

Our product is unique. The technology for generating instructions for the user has been developed by us for more than three month and at the moment it is almost brought to the ideal. Many parameters are taken into account to provide the user with a convenient instruction by which he will collect a really cool image.
We already have experience in quickly and successfully bringing brands to the market. Active marketing support is provided for dealers. In the coming months, we will provide explosive growth in our brand awareness.
We carry out quality control, use the highest quality materials, use well-developed packaging, maintain a constant availability of goods in stock, provide favorable prices.
We are at the very beginning, but we have a great future. Nothing motivates so much as a joint achievement of heights.

Do not miss a chance to
make a profitable business!

Contact a specialist for work with dealers
and get answers to all your questions

Ufimtsev Ivan

Chumbaev Ruslan

Sales Account Manager

Our requisites
Working hours
mon-sun 10:00 - 21:00
We offer exclusively favorable terms of cooperation and interaction